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Purchase Steps

Process purchase of commodity items


  1. Choosing the requested item

Upon searching in the site and specifying the desired item.


  1. Adding the requested item to the purchase order

Upon choosing the commodity or item that you finally desire to order, click on the choice for adding and then by clicking on purchase choice you enter the page.

Then arrange your items and click (enter) on the completion and order registration.

If you want to add other products, by clicking on the return and buying continuation, research in the site and item (commodity) choosing, select the concerned items and at the end again repeat this stage.


  1. Orderer specification registration

In case, you do not have a user profile in the Mahla Zamani special site, then you can concurrent with the purchase registration, act for the site membership.

You can also, by adding personal information in the user new name registration, become a member and by clicking on the order registration choice, continue to buy.

In case, you have a user profile in the Mahla Zamani special website, just by entering username or mobile number and password enter the site and act to register orders.


  1. The procedure for address registration, delivery place and sending order

In this stage, choose one of the methods for sending orders suitable for delivery:

You can, while using the address registered in your profile, select a new address for receiving the order.

 Be aware that the last address entered will be used for the following orders.


  1. Order confirmation

Dear clients, kindly pay attention to the information entered in the purchase package because confirming such data means confirmation of the sale invoice.


  1. Amount payment

In this stage, in order to facilitate payment of the invoice, many ways are provided that you can pick at your choice.


  1. Processing and order delivery

After order registration, your request will be accordingly processed and the related information through E-mail or short message (SMS) with mobile phone and E-mail registered during membership registration will be sent.

It should be mentioned that the user information, order follow up, purchase record and post service purchase matters of each client through profile be available.


  1. Operationalization of each order

Informing the process of each stage of order proceeding through short message (SMS)

  • Stock processing
  • Preparation
  • Delivery to the transport Co.
  • Dispatch (sending)