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Privacy Policy

Welcome to the Mahla Zamani special terms and conditions site page


While appreciating your dear ones choice and trust, it should be mentioned in order to safeguard your rights, that all declared conditions are in line with the Islamic Republic of Iran regulations, electronic commerce as well as the criteria protecting the consumer’s rights.

Dear users attention is drawn to the fact that buying from this website source constitutes in the sense of studding and admitting the Mahla Zamani’s special site’s rules and that the respected users have accepted the constant surveying the aforementioned rules page in order to be aware of possible related changes.


  1. Special criteria-regulations:


1/1- Mahla Zamani special site is committed, upon receiving online payment and finalizing the purchase process, to deliver the selected on he set time.


1/2- Samples of the demonstrated items in the site belong to this source or have been designed and produced on the order received by the customers, due to this reason, any unauthorized use of the displayed items, without coordination with the owner or indication of the source, is illegal and will be pursued from the legal channels.


1/3- The responsibility for registering unreal information, distortion and causing related complications rests with the concerned user. In order to avoid probable problems, the information requested during the membership registration and sending orders should be carefully and correctly written.


1/4- Considering the importance of your information (data) to complete the purchase, Mahla Zamani special site will warranty the security of your private information and will do its best to preserve the safety, confidentiality of the revered user’s data.


1/5- Order registration is possible through all days and night hours, but the processing of orders will be done during working days (national calendar) and working hours (10 a.m to 6 p.m).


1/6- Under certain circumstances such as, unexpected accident, unforeseen events beyond the control of the parties and warehouse difficulties that cause non-delivery of items, the right to stop the services and reimburse the amounts deposited by users in the Mahla Zamani special site is preserved.


1/7- All orders received will be quality controlled before packaging. It is necessary that all respected users, before receiving the order, examine the commodity and in case of noticing any defect, non-conformity or damage during transportation, to refrain from receiving and promptly return it.


  1. Criteria for site benefiting


The legal age to benefit from the site services is 18 years and older. Individuals under the age 18 should use the site under the supervision of their parents or legal guardian.

Any advertising use of this site, or its content, without coordination and obtaining written permission from the owner is prohibited.


  1. Criteria for preserving privacy


3/1- Mahla Zamani special site is committed not to reveal the clients registered information in the users profiles at the disposal of others for commercial purpose.


3/2- Mahla Zamani special site is committed through development of security infrastructures and deployment of needed techniques to expand the security of users benefits from the site and safeguard their personal information.


3/3- All material and contents of the Mahla Zamani special site is considered as part of the personal property of Mahla Zamani.

All rights for use of exclusive publication belongs to Mahla Zamani. Obviously any misuse or lack of coordination, without written approval is subjected to legal pursuit.


3/4- The only official confirmed source for communication with the respected users is the WWW.MAHLAZAMANI.COM . Therefore, with the exception of written correspondence, indicated in the confirmed address in the site, there is no other way to contact the dear users. It should be emphasized that the Mahla Zamani special website does not have any other internet site with the address except of as well as none of weblog or identity in internet dialogues such as Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger etc. and contact will never be established with the users in such ways. The users can only communicate with us using the addresses mentioned.


  1. Damages inflicted during transportation


4/1- Mahla Zamani special site will always try its best to deliver all the orders without any defect throughout the country. Considering the safety packing and standardization of all items sent, delivery to any of the credible transportation companies choosen by the user and declaring the items related documents means that the responsibility for any event or problem occurring during the transportation process rests with the company, and this site, conditioned that the concerned co. provide for compensation of the damage cost, is ready to cooperate in this regard.


4/2- All damages occurred as a result of transportation should be conveyed to the Mahla Zamani site within maximum 24 hours after delivery. The damaged item along with the report document of the transporting Co. with the receipt be sent to the site’s central office.


  1. Return of the items


In case, the commodity item is not compatible with the specified information, its return is possible. The client may upon coordination with the sales section return the item and by resorting to the user profile, through internet dialogue send remarks. The related amount, upon confirmation, will be returned within 3 days.

In order, to provide, better services, the following help is provided:


Item size change


In case the size choosen by the user in the order registration differs with the sent item, if unused, and within maximum 24 hours after receiving, it is possible to be replaced provided the size is available.

Regarding the customers living outside of Tehran, the change can be made through postal service with prior coordination.

Obviously, in this case, the customer will bear the cost of transportation.

The customers can receive information regarding the availability of the item, and in order to facilitate to change the order made, upon entering the user profile act through online dialogue or sending comments.


Reimbursement of money


Non-compatibility of the item with the item with the specifications indicated in the site, or in case, in the time of payment, placing order due to quality or availability is not feasible, and the customer does not want to change order, then the customer upon entering the profile can act through online or sending comments. In this case the money concerned, upon confirmation, will be returned within 3 days.